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From Sunset magazine. Tofu, bacon and avocado sandwich.

Over the weekend, a local newspaper reporter interviewed me about the Asian Tofu cookbook. One of her questions was: Do you see a rise in the popularity of tofu in America?

I paused for a few seconds to figure out an appropriate response, and the March issue of Sunset magazine was it. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to the magazine, which focuses on lifestyles in the American West – the region’s food, travel, gardening, and decor. Sunset has been around since 1898 and has a monthly circulation of  1.2 million plus readers. It has always been a great gauge for what’s trending in the mainstream American West. Last fall, food editor Margo True asked me to curate and develop a collection of innovative tofu recipes by chefs in the West.

We wanted to present delicious tofu dishes with and without meat to communicate that tofu is good tasting stuff. It's not bland, and people should enjoy it for what it is and can be. 


The article was published in the current March issue, which includes Pulitzer Prize winning food writer Jonathan Gold's piece on excellent Mexican restaurants. My tofu story included riffs on dishes by Eric Banh’s Ba Bar, Charles Phan’s Out the Door, Douglas Keane’s Cyrus, James Syhabout’s Hawker Fare, and Musha in Santa Monica.

Annabelle Breakey did the photos and Randy Mon styled the handsome images. Annabelle did the shots for my Asian Market Shopper app and I love her work.

If you don’t get Sunset, you can check out the five recipes online. They’re the lead recipes in this collection that Margo assembled for “10 Tasty Tofu Recipes” at Here's a page from their site with all the recipes for you to scan:

Go to's tasty tofu recipe collection

Keep these tofu recipes in your back pocket for expanding your repertoire.

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